About Cottontail Kids Clothing

Having spent the last nearly 7 years shopping for clothes for my little girl it is fair to say that I have done my research when it comes to children’s clothes. Before I had my daughter I thought I was quite ‘picky’ about what I liked to wear but when it came to dressing my daughter, as most mums do, I really enjoyed finding pretty baby grows, dressing her up in the cutest outfits and pretty dresses. I always found however, that the cheap supermarket clothes may have looked nice for a couple of washes but after that they did not really have the fresh new look that I had purchased just days before hand. As my daughter passed the age of 3 it became increasingly difficult to buy her clothes that were age appropriate. Everything became neon or animal print or just looked very cheap and tacky. There were many occasions when I found myself completely unable to find anything that wasn’t more suitable for a teenager.

Then along came my son who is now nearly 2 years old. When he was a tiny baby it was reasonably easy to find clothes that were cute and occasionally they were made with soft fabric. I did however find it most irritating that a lot of the trousers and dungarees that were on offer were denim which, when it comes out of the wash, (even with ½ a bottle of fabric softener used) it was as hard as cardboard. As he approached toddlerdom I became increasingly frustrated that the only clothes I could find in the shops were very cheap looking T-shirts with transfers of cartoon or superhero characters on them. The transfers would peel off after the first wash and as soon as my son got the slightest bit of paint or food on them they would be destined for the bin as the fabric was too poor quality to wash well. As he gets bigger his clothes are having to stand up to more and more wear and tear and, as he isn’t growing quite so fast as in his baby year, also need to last him longer. I also found that a lot of the toddler boys clothes were designed to look like little versions of adult clothing. This really bothered me as in my opinion children should be dressed as children and not ‘little adults’.

As a result of all of these issues I began to purchase better quality items of clothing, yes these items have been slightly more expensive but I have also decided to reduce the amount of items in their wardrobes. I took the view that in reducing the number of items of clothing they owned, it would reduce the amount of clothing waiting to be washed and ironed. I mean, in reality, they can only wear one item at a time. The other rationale I had was that these higher quality clothes are designed to last and could be resold as second hand later on or given to family relatives to last for a whole generation!

Then we come to the more important issue……the children’s clothes I have since been purchasing. I decided to attend a children’s clothing trade show. Wow, there are some really nice brands out there with lovely soft fabric and gorgeous age appropriate designs. I took my time to decide which ones I liked the best, which ones offered the best value for money and researched which brands offered an ethical approach to shopping. Once I had made my decision, I created www.cottontailkidsclothing.co.uk. This is still very much in its infant stages but my aim is to create a site that picks out the best of the best in organic cotton children’s clothes, displaying it all in one place and makes it really easy to order.

This now brings me to the point of my new website. Why order here you may ask?? Well the answer is simple. CottonTail Kids Clothing is just getting up and running and although the ordering process will be just as fast (if not faster than any other ecommerce site) my prices are lower than other sites. My main aim is not to make loads and loads of money as a retailer but to share my findings with other mums and allow them the opportunity to purchase organic, planet friendly, ethical children’s clothes at slightly ‘lower than the going rate prices.’ At present I am holding limited stock until I really get going so if you see something you like, don’t delay, order it today. As soon as I get started there will be more available.

In the very near future I will be adding Hooligans Kids range (a fair trade south African childrens clothing brand) and also Powell Craft, who stock beautiful almost Victorian style girls dresses at affordable prices. Keep a look out for these brands that I am hoping to stock very shortly once the www.cottontailkidsclothing.co.uk gets off the starting block… Watch this space!!

So, as I have said there will shortly be more brands and sizes added to the collection but for now I have started with the two I have been most impressed with Toby Tiger and Kite.

Here are a few of my favourite items:

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